Halle Zhang, PhD, of BioMed Valley Discoveries gave a talk at the Cancer Microbiome Congress in Boston, MA. Abstract: Clostridium novyi-NT (C. novyi-NT) is an attenuated strain of Clostridium novyi, an obligate anaerobe that germinates in hypoxic tumor environments. When administered intravenously or intra-tumorally, C. novyi-NT spores replicate within the hypoxic regions of tumors, eliciting robust tumor lysis in a variety of preclinical animal models as well as in companion dogs bearing spontaneous solid tumors. C. novyi-NT lyses malignant cells by secreting lipases, proteases, other hydrolytic enzymes, and recruiting inflammatory cells to elicit an anti-tumor immune response.  In the recently completed 3+3 dose escalation, human Phase 1 study, evidence of C. novyi-NT germination including fever, elevated WBC, elevated C-reactive protein, tumor inflammation and abscessation has been noted at all six dose levels following a single intra-tumoral injection. Efficacy and safety data will be reported for the 24 patients enrolled.