BioMed Valley Discoveries' mission is to bring innovative treatments to patients across the world.

Our company seeks to improve human health by tackling projects that may be considered too early, too unconventional or too unprofitable for traditional biotech or pharmaceutical companies. As a member of the Stowers Group of Companies, we focus on disease-related research with a principal focus on unmet medical needs rather than commercial returns.

James Stowers, Jr., founder of American Century Investments, and his wife Virginia established BioMed Valley Discoveries in 2007 and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in 2000. Their vision was to have a positive impact on human health through basic research at the Institute and applied research at BVD.

BioMed Valley

We pursue projects across different therapeutic and diagnostic areas, including cancer, inflammation, and infectious disease. Our goal is to ensure that innovative treatments, backed by strong scientific evidence, will reach patients across the world.

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