Our Story

Guided by Our Founders’ Intent

Staying true to our roots in Kansas City, Missouri, we are guided exclusively by our founders’ intent of hope for life as we focus on translational and clinical efforts in areas of significant unmet need with as broad a scope as possible.

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Our Model

Our Novel Model to Make a Difference

Our uniqueness starts with our funding model. The Stowers Group of Companies receives stable and sustainable resources through private institutional funding via American Century Investments, an asset management firm. The Stowers Group of Companies includes the non-profit Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Stowers Institute), and the for-profit Biomed Valley Discoveries, Inc. (BVD), which is wholly owned by a supporting organization of Stowers Institute. Our founders’ original directive that any profits would accrue to Stowers Institute’s benefit promotes a perpetual, virtuous cycle of scientific innovation and translation to advance breakthrough medicines.



Our secure funding, in turn, has freed us to break the mold and create a purposefully reimagined approach to every aspect of our business, our pursuit of groundbreaking medicines, and our commitment to patients.


Risk-Tolerant Candidate Sourcing

We are empowered to pursue early development assets that are often higher risk but high opportunity for patients that may not fit within the investment profile of traditional industry or investor firms.


Deep, Data-Led Scientific Interrogation

We bring a deep level of scientific rigor to de-risking programs, working diligently to deliver focused data that supports whether a program or direction shows promise to address the target unmet need.


Extensive Collaborator Network

We focus on early-stage development through clinical proof-of-concept. Our extensive network of physician research collaborators and centers of excellence serve as true partners in our development efforts.


Lean, Flexible Corporate Infrastructure

Based in Kansas City, we minimize infrastructure and overhead, operating primarily as a remote team while leveraging a large external network. We are able to deploy resources in a stage-appropriate, prioritized and real-time manner to meet the scientific needs of each program.


Unmet Need-Focused Clinical Exploration

We leverage a myriad of clinical activities – BVD-sponsored and investigator-initiated trials, and compassionate use and expanded access programs – to seek early signals and stay focused on the unmet patient need.


Partner/Out-Licensing Centric

Once we have de-risked candidates, we seek partners with infrastructure and expertise more suited for the next stage of development to the broadest range of potential indications to carry the asset forward to commercialization.

Our Programs

Science to Address
Unmet Medical Needs

The common thread across our programs is novel science and biology with the potential to address significant unmet needs in cancer and other serious conditions and deliver on our founders’ intent of hope for life.

Ulixertinib (BVD-523)

Highly selective, first-in-class ERK 1/2 inhibitor designed to block the terminal node of the MAPK pathway

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TEM8 Therapeutic Antibodies

Harnessing an over-expressed protein in the tumor microenvironment as a lamp post to guide novel antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

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Clostridium novyi-NT (CNV-NT/BVD-550)
Phase 1 Completed

Revitalizing the promise of bacteria to target tumors’ necrotic core and destroy tumors from the inside out

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April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month, and we are working to advance new hope for these patients. Ulixertinib – our investigational, first-in-class ERK 1/2 inhibitor – is being studied in combination with hydroxychloroquine in patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancers, including esophageal cancer.

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Whats New?

BVD and xCures have been selected as a finalist for the Citeline Awards “Clinical Partnership of the Year” for our collaboration on the ulixertinib expanded access program (EAP) through which we have provided this investigational medicine to more than 130 cancer patients who have exhausted other treatment options.

Congratulations to all finalists!